New Student FAQ

Q: Where do I start as a beginner?

A: You're welcome to join any of our level 1 sessions which run once per week for 6 weeks. Days and times vary per session, but are usually weeknights anytime between 6-8pm. Session start dates are available on our Pole Fitness Classes page.

Q: My schedule changes weekly so committing to a session is difficult for me. Are there any other options?

A: Yes. We offer open pole classes 3 times per week minimum. This platform is a little different as you'll be in a class with all levels, but an instructor will work with you to teach you all the same moves you'd learn in the session. You'll progress at your own pace this way and move through the levels accordingly.

Q: What if I join a session and miss a class or classes. Can I make them up?

A:  Absolutely. We understand life happens and these classes are meant to be fun, not add to your stress. If you have to miss a class or more for any reason you can make up for your lost time during our open pole class time. There's no need to call or sign up for these classes, just arrive and participate. Our instructors will work with you and guide you through the movements ensuring your safety and confidence in all the moves before continuing on. Also, you don't have to make the class up within a certain time frame, you can always come the following week for your regular class and pick up where you left off. The instructors are aware of any absences and will work with you accordingly. You can then use your missed time at any open pole class thereafter.

Q: What if I have previous pole dance fitness training?

A: Great! You can attend an open pole class and we can work with you or just allow you to practice. We're always there to assist you with any moves and can assess your current level if you'd like to eventually attend one of our weekly level sessions or continue working through our levels in the open pole platform. Open pole classes are scheduled weekly and don't have start dates, anyone can attend at any time. No reservations required.

Q: I see there's a higher/lower level class on a night which works better for me. Can I join that class instead?

A: In most cases yes. Our instructors are qualified to work with each student individually and give you any extra assistance you may need to fit right in and learn the necessary skills to safely carry out the required skills within the level or continue working at your higher/lower level. Sometimes it may be recommended to attend an open pole class in addition to the session in order to catch up in a more timely manner.

Q: If I sign up for a session can I come in and practice my moves and strength train outside of my class?

A: Yes. We highly encourage you to attend a few classes per week if your goals are weight loss, toning, increased endurance or other personal reasons. With a studio membership you can attend your weekly session, open pole, bootcamp and yoga classes.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Shorts are the preferred attire, but if you're a little shy you're welcome to wear yoga pants, but you should be able to roll them above your knees. Shoes aren't required but socks are sometimes helpful. Please bring water as well and refrain from applying any sunscreens, oils or lotions to your hands or body up to 12 hours prior to your class as this could hinder your ability to grip the pole safely. Also, it's important to leave your rings at home as you'll be asked to remove them in the studio.

Q: I'm not very fit or flexible right now. Should I join the gym to lose some weight and gain strength before I join your classes?

A: This is the most common question, and I get it, but these are fitness classes designed for the everyday woman. This program has been redeveloped time and again over 5 years to suit anyone at any age, weight or fitness level. We start with very basic movements around the pole and formatted the sessions to advance progressively as your strength increases, which it inevitably will, we've seen it time and time again, and know anyone can do this. Some women have repeated levels in order to progress with confidence and that's always an option. You'll get fit, but you'll have fun doing it and everyone will be cheering you on!

If you have any further questions please contact Shanyn directly at (905)992-9395 (texts welcome) or anytime.

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